Anatomy of a Top-Down Set-In-Sleeve Sweater

This is the first of a two-part tutorial which teaches you how to work a top-down set-in-sleeve sweater, beginning at the shoulders and working down to the end of the armhole shaping. There are several illustrations that help you visualize what your sweater will look like as you work it.


Further Anatomy of a Top-Down Set-In-Sleeve Sweater: the Body and Sleeves

This second part of my two-part tutorial begins after the armhole shaping is complete, and takes you down to the bottom edge of the body. Then you’re shown where to pick up for the sleeve caps. As with the first part, there are multiple illustrations that will help you understand what is going on.


Short Row Shaping: Japanese Short Rows

If you’re unfamiliar with short-row shaping, this will explain why it is used, and how this version is worked. This post is loaded with photos and a video that show in detail how to work this method.


Convert a Top-Down Crew, Scoop, or Square Neck to a V-Neck


If you have found a pattern that you love, but that has a crew, scoop, or square neck, and that isn’t what you were looking for, this tutorial will help you figure out how to convert it to a v-neckline.